Moving to North Carolina

For years North Carolina has loomed large in my mind as America's pottery Mecca. A mythic place where huge woodkilns are stuffed full of giant pots. Where rich deposits of beautiful clay lie just beneath one's feet. Where a vibrant, unbroken potting tradition goes back generations, and where many of my favorite contemporary potters call home. This Winter, Emily and I decided to say goodbye (for now) to New England, and move down to the mountains of Western North Carolina, the promised land of pottery.



A friend commented when I told him about the plan that I seemed to be taking a similar attitude to the millions of young people who declare they are moving to New York City, to "Make It." Without a plan of what to do upon arrival, I packed up all of my things, and we drove South.

It is to soon to say with any definiteness what my time down here is about, but I can say that I am learning every single day. I have met so many amazing potters here, many of whom I have long admired from afar. I see really good pots every day, and it becomes clear to me how much further I can go with my own work. I am not working a non-pottery job, and putting in the hours every day is driving my work to get better and better.

I am thankful for the support of friends and family who are rooting for me, and think what I am doing makes sense. We do not work alone.