Archive: Painted Cakes

In 2013 I curated a show of contemplative art, featuring pottery, sculpture, drawing, painting, installation, music, and dance. The name, Painted Cakes, comes from Zen master Dogen, who took the words of an ancient master "painted rice cakes do not satisfy hunger," and flipped them on their head, saying:

"The entire universe with all of its events is only a painted picture. People and all beings arise there and Awakened Ones and Ancestors Wake Up and become what they are through it. So, if there is no "painted rice cake" there is no way to "satisfy hunger." Without this painting of "hunger" how can you meet the True Person? If there is no painting of "satisfaction" how can there be the energy of Awakening? Without "painted rice cakes" how could you ever "satisfy hunger," "satisfy non-hunger," "not satisfy hunger," and "not satisfy non-hunger?" You should practice this whole world as a "painted rice cake." Practice the meaning of this through the bodymind and you will intimately understand the energy of that which moves and that which is moved. If this energy is not manifested, your practice of the Way is still unmanifested. Manifesting this energy is itself how to paint Awakening."
Photos by Sarah Grimm